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To a new visitor

The person in charge to order lunch (bus company and event company.)

In our company, we provide a deli lunch box is used for various events such as thank-you party / bus trips / conference workshops.
Once every four years, sports has a global focus, the venue was held in Japan and Korea.
At that time, was released in most of the lunch box and security staff are convenience lunch.
Just because they're not overwhelmed by large number.
It is obvious that the person in charge is a priority because of safety and security than the amount of flavor and look.
"Convenience is a bad lunch, in saying that there is no reason"
What is the safety and security?
"It is, I think that the quality of plant facilities."
Japanese convenience foods factory is Hygienic food factory is the world's standards.
Of course, the catering place, do not put cardboard or fax.
In addition, the food plant uses a special air conditioning. Unlike lunch stand in town.
Our factory is also air-conditioning system was invented by NASA ""HACCP"" is a modern support.
We suggest, when you order lunch, I think you look good Once the factory shop floor with his own eyes.
To select a meal, decide themselves how to eat.but Bus tour and conference training events, regardless of the will of people like to eat and company secretary, and lunch - join if you ask, think and act in times of risk aversion is now of course.
Prices and, visually, precisely because it is biased to the appearance of products, all means I want you to reconsider.
When you experience any problems, but of course, be blamed is the lunch shop. Who is also well ordered.
Lunch and are sold on street corners, but just delicious lunch is very important that what is made at the factory. Lunch and the food is to remain in the body. -First look, I think you need special attention.
Our original classic lunch, covers the various types of lunch meat, fish and vegetables.
Chinese food and fried dishes, we will prepare your budget request alignment.
As our delicious lunch and the basis of safety and security, all means please Savour

Please listen to our suggestions.
We are looking forward hearing from you.

Food available to everyone in the elderly

Delivery of food to the elderly, we conducted day and night.
Also, calorie-controlled diet and food Please contact care.