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about grandkitchen

The necessity of our company

image of our box lunch

There is various specialty in the Japanese food processing company.

As an example
  1. A specialty company of the box lunch
  2. The specialized company of the hospital meal
  3. The specialty company of the school meal
  4. A specialty company of the box lunches which is produced in a local cooking ingredient
  5. The specialized company of an original equipment manufacturing
There is a specialized company besides the above much
The reason why there is a specialized company is because a company can refrain from a person and the expenses of the machine.
We own various latest machines with many craftsmen.
We can change various demands into a meal.

the necessary specialty of the food manufacturing facility

image of our factory

If specialty is strong, the workmanship(effect)of the packed lunch becomes as expected.
We own various latest machines with many craftsmen.
Our factory has a method of various production.
Therefore your company can think about a ideal box lunch and a meal from various viewpoints.
Our thought does not tie one idea to one result.

Productive capacity and the geographical convenience of the factory

The productive capacity of the factory enables 100,000 meals in a day.
The factory is located in the downtown area that was superior in the circulation service.
Our business domain enables foreign countries without staying in Japan.

as your kitchen

Let me offer our food processing manufacturing facility as your kitchen.
We can deal with your use amount and purpose.

 The juridical person who uses our factory
 1.The juridical person of the food processing manufacturing facility
 2.The brokerage juridical person of the food industry
 3.The juridical person who needs box lunch and lunch
  (A company and a school or a hospital)